The Crisis Series
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The Crisis Series includes:

"A Little Angel Told Me..." by Archangel Michael
and Karen Holmes
"The Principles of Spiritual Shopping" by Lady Gaia
and Karen Holmes
"Roles and Goals" by I Am That I Am
and Karen Holmes

This series is for people who are facing their end-of-life crisis.

You may have read stories of people who were facing their end of life crisis, and were visited by an angel. If you are facing your end of life crisis, now it is time for you to get a visit from an angel, too. Archangel Michael cuts the chains that bind us in the abyss, and frees us so we can walk forward and create Heaven on Earth.

In the Crisis Series, Archangel Michael is joined by Lady Gaia, the female aspect of God, who explains how crunch the dimensions to create Heaven on Earth in your own life in a delightful booklet, "The Principles of Spiritual Shopping," and I Am That I Am, the male aspect of God, explains how equated ideas get us into trouble in "Roles and Goals," both through Karen Holmes.

The Crisis Packet is part of the Pass It On series , which can be purchased for personal use, but it is also meant to be gifted to others. "The Principles of Spiritual Shopping" and "Roles and Goals" can be purchased separately, and they are the first two booklets of the Getting Out of the Abyss Series, and the first booklets of our catalog.

"A Little Angel Told Me..." ISBN: 7 pages.


"When I was facing my end of life crisis, I read and re-read "A Little Angel Told Me..." many times, and compared what is in the book to something that was occurring in my life, and each time I sat and deliberated over its message, some sentence would strike some hidden emotion in my heart and bring tears to my eyes. Afterward, I felt lighter and more peaceful. Instead of seeing a huge black hole in front of me, I started to see a long gentle rising road." Karen Holmes