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Creativity 1-1: Getting Out of the Crisis Series

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The Principles of Spiritual Shopping

Lady Gaia / Karen Holmes: A fun topic! How to find the right objects for your home. Covers how settling only for the 100% allows you to bring Heaven on Earth. Lady Gaia crunches the dimensions to unblock the energy in your life.

Getting Out of the Crisis 1
(Item #11101)

Tolerance is the Key

Lady Gaia / Karen Holmes: Unravels several issues related to equated ideas, and how if you address the root cause of the issue, the crisis can be overcome. How the games lead to crises on every level.

Getting Out of the Crisis 6
(Item #11106)

Roles and Goals

I Am That I AM / Karen Holmes: Starts to unravel equated ideas. Speaks of allegorical stories, and how they offer solutions to help us overcome the Grand Lie and the crises in our lives. Explains why the Truth cannot overcome the Lie.

Getting Out of the Crisis 2
(Item #11102)

A Manual for Creativity

Seth and Karen Holmes: Addresses the application of the principles of Creativity, starting with manifestation and teleportation.

Creativity 1 Trade Book
(Item #11107)

Revenge of the Queen Bee

Lady Gaia / Karen Holmes: The transition period from when no one is functiong from capacity to when everyone is. Explains how to bring people in to help you.

Getting Out of the Crisis 3
(Item #11103)

Create The Life You Want

Seth / Karen Holmes: Organization independent members starting out on the creative process must understand how they reached the point the point of the Brick Wall, why what they were doing didn't work. This book starts them back on their path to their goal. (Can be purchased as a set.)

Introductory Series 1
(For organization members only) (Item # 11108)

On The Mountain

I Am That I Am / Karen Holmes: Addresses fears and equated ideas, and how once you overcome them, you can begin to create the life you want. Addresses the glitches, which are our emotions.

Getting Out of the Crisis 4
(Item #11104)

Teachers Manual

Seth-Archangels Michael and Raphael- Sanat Kumara / Karen Holmes: Explains Armageddon, how games are tearing apart the planet. Where you are, where you are going, and how to get there. What you teach to others to start to create your Flower of Life pattern. (Can be purchased as a set.)

Introductory Series 2
(For organization members only)(Item#11109)

Conflict Resolution

Lady Gaia / Karen Holmes: How to achieve a victory against adversaries by standing on the principles. How to collapse a House of Cards using skills you already have. The basis for conflict resolution.

Getting Out of the Crisis 5
(Item #11105)

Building Your Flower of Life Pattern

Seth / Karen Holmes: Addresses the need to bring others into your project. One person does not have the capacity to create a project. The Flower of Life pattern is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. (Can be purchased as a set.)

Introductory Series 3
(For organization members only) (Item# 11110)

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