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Creativity 1-3: The Choice Series

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Your List of Criteria

George and Martha Washington / Karen Holmes: Your mate is not part of your Flower of Life, so he or she can't help you get your life, but can help you get your life. Your family situation is an echo of your Flower of Life, and functions on another level.

The Choice Series 1
(Item #11301)

Closing the Door

Sanat Kumara / Karen Holmes: The last essay of the Choice Series looks at sweeping up all the conflicts and coming to the middle ground to enable everyone to go forward. Your opposing sides are your allies, not your enemies.

The Choice Series 6
(Item #11306)

Manna From Heaven

Mahat Chohan / Karen Holmes: Discusses mankind's place in the Universe. We are equal parts, and to move up to the 100% that God offers us, we have to align all parts of ourselves, including our issues. We manifest what we need.

The Choice Series 2
(Item #11302)

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The Choice Series Tradebook
(Item #11307)

Bringing Families Back Together

Charlemagne / Karen Holmes: Families that have been torn apart can function together again with a common goal to enable everyone to get their life. Offers the root cause of autism and leukemia, that they are a result of the games played in the family.

The Choice Series 3
(Item #11303)

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Mini Series 1
(Item #11308)

Separation Anxiety

Jesus of Nazareth / Karen Holmes: Jesus closes the door on Christianity by explaining that it is time for you to leave home and get your own life. That everyone has his or her own goal, and you are not dependent on anyone else to get your life.

The Choice Series 4
(Item #11304)

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Mini Series 2
(Item #11309)

Being Really Important

Seth / Karen Holmes: Feeling the need to be important? What if you had the power to prevent world peace from coming about? What it means when the spiritual hierarchy says, "All parts of self must be in agreement."

The Choice Series 5
(Item #11305)

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Mini Series 3
(Item #11310)

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