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Productivity 1-1: The Power Series

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The Pentacle of Power

Lady Gaia / Karen Holmes: Addresses how revenge works and why it doesn't work. Because no one has the same goal, they undermine each other. Booklet includes questionaire to help you figure out your capacity and your project, and a board game, "Who Do You Trust?"

The Power Series 1
(Item #21101)

True Power

Seth / Karen Holmes: People assume power is being able to tell others what to do. True power comes from being a servant, not the leader. Functioning from the level of consciousness and the project allows you to defend your project.

The Power Series 6
(Item #21106)

Grabbing For Power

Alexander Hamilton / Karen Holmes: The Founding Fathers did not all see the American Revolution the same. Some were only drawn into the movement once they lost all they had. Their "heroes" were the financial elite. Includes a board game, "Who Do You Admire?"

The Power Series 2
(Item #21102)

A Manual for Peace

Seth / Karen Holmes: How to create world peace on an individual basis. Covers your purpose in life, interpersonal relationships, overcoming past traumatic events. Prophecies for the new millennium.

The Power Series Trade Book
(Item #21107)

The Application of the Principles

Seth / Karen Holmes: Delineates the rights you have to the support. If something is yours, nothing can keep you from having it. If it isn't, there is no way you can keep it. Lists the principles every project must stand on. Includes board game, "What Do You Have?"

The Power Series 3
(Item #21103)

The Power of Conquest

Alexander of Macedonia / Karen Holmes: Alexander shares his understandings about conquest, about how to know when someone is ready to come into your project. How to know when you are ready.

The Power Minibook Series 1
(Item #21108)

Becoming a Student

Seth / Karen Holmes: Retro-engineers the drive of an alien spacecraft. What fussy babies, stickers in your socks, and Stonehenge teach us about alien technology. Why no one can retro-engineer this new technology. Includes board game, "Who Is Your Friend?"

The Power Series 4
(Item #21104)

Unraveling the Past

Queen Sophie of the Netherlands / Karen Holmes: Addresses equated ideas and how they get people into trouble. How schisms are created, and the need for common goals. How God has set up a framework to enables everyone to get the life they want.

The Power Minibook Series 2
(Item #21109)

The Power of the Law

Moses and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Karen Holmes: Addresses the legal and moral right to something. The difference between a king, a dictator and a leader, and having the power of the law behind you. Includes a board game, "Who Do You Hear?"

The Power Series 5
(Item #21105)

Out of the Abyss and Into Life

Thomas Aquinas / Karen Holmes: Using sophistry as a tool to draw you back to the midpoint. Find a sense of balance to enable yourself to address the conflicts, and to move forward.

The Power Minibook Series 3
(Item #21110)

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