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Rainbow 1-1: Principles

The Rainbow level of our catalog is represented by the center circle of this diagram and on the cover of our catalog, but then we can focus on the levels and colors as we Walk the Rainbow.

There are always three levels in the Universe, the Principles, the Power and the Project. The Principles don't change. They peg us at a certain level. Here, we focus on the principles of how to create the life you want. If what you want for your life includes baseball, what are the principles of baseball that differentiate it from any other sport?

There are so many other sources of information promoting their own plan on how to create the life you want. What is unique about our information is the principles we stand on. For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to create their life. Our principles peg us a very high level, but then what is important is the application of the principles, and that will be covered in the Power Section and the Project pages.

Many believe they are already getting their life, and people don't usually make any changes unless there is a reason to do so. It usually takes a crisis for people to make any changes. Being ready to make a change is usually dependent on cycles. Change doesn't come easily in the middle of a cycle, only at the beginning or the end. The end of life crisis is a time of great changes. Our overview perspective focuses on information for the masses who just want a general idea of the subject. If a time comes when these people need some help, it is available.

Another way to look at the three levels is how they are applied in different ways in our lives:

The principles peg us at a certain level. They don't change.

Rainbow 1 map

The Overview Principles of Universal Law

Every atom in the Universe is subject to Universal Law. Even aliens are subject to Universal Law.

Universal Law stands on seven principles:

These principles peg any nation or any person on a very high level.

The seven principles create a sense of balance. Each of the principles counters one of the Seven Deadly Sins. For example, The Sin of Pride leads to wars. People who are dragged into wars lack the principle of Equality. For conflict resolution, the first requirement is that both sides must be considered equal. For fair trials, there must be equality under the law. A nation that stands on the principles of equality under the law functions on a higher level than one that is intolerant and oppressive. Oppression leads to loss of Liberty. People who have been dragged into a genocide lack their liberty, so the principle of Liberty counters genocides on every level, including character defamation.

There are many Universal Laws, and they all stands on these seven principles. Students of spirituality go far deeper into the teachings. We are focusing now on the spiritual Law of Cause of Effect, or "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," or karma or the Golden Rule.

Until this time, the spiritual teachings and religious teachings have focused on the importance of believing, but it is not that you believe, it is what you believe. "What you believe is what is," and "you create your own reality." Each individual assumes responsibility for his or her life. That is still Truth, but a new millennium has started and the focus is shifting to "how to create the life you want," and that is the one thing everyone wants. It unifies mankind.

The founding fathers of the United States declared, "We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." We get our unalienable rights from God, the Creator of us all. They allow us to fulfill our purposes in life, a soul agreement with God, our most important relationship.

For world peace to come, every person on the planet had to be exposed to Universal Law.

The Principles of the Cooperation of Nature

Many people see nature as being "dog-eat-dog" and are always trying to be the top dog. Nature, as Leonardo de Pisa, aka Fibonacci, discovered, is based on the principles of cooperation. Fibonacci studied nature and everywhere he looked he saw patterns. He saw the abundance of nature. Everything is part of a whole. People have been discovering the principles of the cooperation of nature for a long time. Ancient man drew the symbols on their cave walls.

Back to Nature

Male and female coming together with a common goal create a vesica picis. A vesica picis is a win-win agreement. Each shares only what is easy to share and what benefits him or her to share. One agreement builds trust and sets the stage for future agreements. Both get back 10 times, 100 times and 1,000 times what they give.

The male and female of a species come together to create a child or a seed. We are all like seeds in the ground, still in the potential state. A seed can stay in the potential state for a long time. Water is a symbol of emotions. It takes a crisis to make us break out of our shell and start to grow. A seed grows in the darkness until it reaches the point when the first two tiny leaves have formed. Then it must have light to keep growing. We need spiritual Light to keep growing and to reach our full potential. That is plan when we blossom and start the cycle again. One seed becomes a plant, and after several generations, becomes a garden, and then after more generations it can become a field.

Spiritual Light is a creative substance that when you put a thought–form into it, it creates matter.

Nature has worked perfectly to create a sense of abundance for all in the world for billions of years. It can do the same for our personal financial foundation and for our national and global economies. The principles of the cooperation of nature will be the economic basis for the proposed international government. Its departments will make fair and equitable trade agreements between nations, which will build trust and set the stage for future agreements.

To create the life you want, you will eventually make 144 win-win agreements.(Hint: 12x12=144) At first, you won't know who they are. (Another hint: One of our technology inventions is based on making win-win agreements.) You have to know what you have to share, what is easy to share and what benefits you to share —your talents and gifts that come from your Creator— before you can make agreements. Be patient. That is part of the journey when you Walk the Rainbow. The channels can help you discover your talents and gifts from God, the Creator us all, and in the future, the organization Advisory teams can help the nations discover what natural resources they have to share.

vesica picis

There are many other combinations that are derived from a vesica picis.

One of the misunderstandings that tears apart families and marriages is believing our family can help us get our life. The Flower of Life pattern is based on win-win agreements, too, but on a different level than a family. These people work together on a project that stands on the principles, each sharing talents and gifts, so that everyone can create their life.

An example of a hexagonal Flower of Life pattern is the plan for world peace. The Rainbow idea for world peace is too big for people to grasp. Only two people on the planet see its potential, but then the idea separates into segments: Technology, Business and Economics, Crisis in the Family, Conflict Resolution, Tolerance and Empowerment, and World Peace (as it evolves). It is like an embryo at the stage of separating into the systems.


God, the Creator of us all

Ever wonder about the Big Bang? Universes start with a vesica picis, too.

In this catalog, you will discover books channeled by Lady Gaia and I AM That I AM, the female and male aspects of God, the Creator of us all. They are twelfth-dimensional entities. Lady Gaia is Earth Mother and Universe Mother, and is nurturing, and I AM That I AM is creative. We are their children, and we have a win-win agreement with them. We fulfill our agreement by fulfilling our purposes in life. We all have a group purpose, an individual purpose and a racial purpose--a family purpose.

Flower of Life

And what is beyond the Universe?

There is a God within the God and a Universe within the Universe, and every aspect of it is subject to Universal Law. Ultimately, we come to the Prime Universe. Their books can be found throughout the catalog, and in the Unity Section.

The Prime Universe Speaks

Every Aspect Must Stand on the Principles of Universal Law

This is a free-will Universe, and we can create anything we want as long as we don't interfere in what anyone else is working to create. We have to stand on the principles of Universal Law. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." God doesn't work with anyone who doesn't stand on Universal Law. For world peace to come, every person on the planet had to be exposed to Universal Law, and because that has occurred, world peace can come. Mankind has a project and each of us has a part to play in its creation. Join the World Peace Movement by Walking the Rainbow!

The Principles of the Projects

Every project is based on the same principles:

There are seven stages in the planning process and seven colors of the Rainbow. There are invisible "colors" of the spectrum of light, too. Each of the numbers has a quantitative meaning and a qualitative meaning. The number eight is the number of "as above, so below," so those books are the Unity books, and nine represents completion, and so we use it for the Support level, taking it to the people, which includes the newsletters and the Pass It On books.

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