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Security 1-1: The Betrayal Series

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The First Principle of the International Government

Jesus of Nazareth and Karen Holmes: Discusses how each of the seven major religions plays a power game, and how the games lead to wars, geocides and massacres. Includes "Avoiding Conflict" brochure.

The Betrayal Series 1
(Item #51101)

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The Betrayal Series 6
(Item #51106)

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The Betrayal Series 2
(Item #51102)

A Manual for the One World Government

Seth and Karen Holmes: The overview idea for the creation of an international government, including how to write a constitution, the principles of the three branches and the eleven departments, and even embassies. How existing governments can transition.

The Betrayal Trade Book
(Item #51107)

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The Betrayal Series 3
(Item #51103)

Drawing Support for Your Cause

Benjamin Franklin and Karen Holmes: Benjamin Franklin had a noble cause. He was one of America's first diplomats. It was his responsibility to gain the support of other nations for the new nation of America. In this mini-book, he shares his secrets on how to gain support for your noble cause.

(Item #51108)

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The Betrayal Series 4
(Item #51104)

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(Item #51109)

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The Betrayal Series 5
(Item #51105)

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(Item #51110)

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