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Productivity 1-2: The Time Series

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Squeezed by Time

Father Time / Karen Holmes: Father Time addresses Relative Time and Absolute Time, that time does not flow like a river, clarifying the misunderstanding we have about time. This is the first principle of the Grand Unification concept—no longer just a theory.

The Time Series 1
(Item #21201)

The Flower of Life is Growing

Father Time / Karen Holmes: Father Time addresses the "branching off" of the metaphorical plant as you bring in people to participate with you on your project. While you and your lifepartner work together to create your project, others start to grow, also.

The Time Series 6
(Item #21206)

Absolute and Relative Time

Father Time / Karen Holmes: Looks deeper into Time, and what separates the two. Which Time you function within relates to the choices you make and where you fit along the continuum of frequency based on your capacity and your choices.

The Time Series 2
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The End of Time

Father Time/ Karen Holmes: Looks at the end of Relative Time, which means the end of the opportunities. But as the opportunities end, then we have available to us unlimited opporuntities as we jump into Absolute Time.

The Time Series 3
(Item #21203)

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(Item #21208)

The Unlimited Potential of the Choice

Father Time / Karen Holmes: The opportunties end as Relative Time ends, but now you are unlimited as to what you can create. Stand on the principles and the framework and away you go.

The Time Series 4
(Item #21204)

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The Code

Father Time / Karen Holmes: Compares this aspect of Time to a plant from seed to its first two leaves. This relates to the potential of the male aspect and the drive of the female aspect coming together to create a project or a baby.

The Time Series 5
(Item #21205)

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